Epistemics is a company focused on Social Technology grounded in Data Intelligence, applied to problems related to social relations and human development faced daily by organizations.

Our team is multidisciplinary. We come from the most different areas of knowledge, such as Economics, Sociology, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Education, Linguistics, and Marketing. Our practice is focused on solving problems, seeking innovation, and looking attentively at the needs of the market. Our team is linked to major educational institutions such as the University of São Paulo and the University of Chicago.

Our consulting processes ensure the confidentiality of customer information and any public use is first consulted. Our practice is guided by the scientific principles as well as the ethical principles of data collection. In the same way, we seek to communicate clearly and accurately the progress of our work with the client. Providing the necessary details for understanding, interpretation and criticism.


In the information age, the world is permeated with a complex web of data that comes up and interrelates all the time, generating new relationships and new patterns. We deal with multi structured data that require sophisticated techniques designed to extract relevant information and robust theoretical approaches to decode and transform them into valuable results.

Our purpose is to produce solutions guided by data intelligence using platforms and personalized consultancies. Thus, our intelligence is developed on technological tools and robust methodologies, such as machine learning, network analysis, semantic analysis, and simulations.

Thereby, our customers can manage, predict, map and develop with more effectiveness their projects, their teams and their customers


We have developed SaaS web platforms (Software as a Service) in which we are responsible for all data intelligence and information structure. All of them are internet accessible and meet the needs of customers. All data analyses are generated automatically by the platform with the most suitable visualizations for a simplified reading.

We have platforms for three areas: Human Resources and Organizational Culture; Social Business and Foundations of the Thrid Sector; Compliance.


We develop customized researches that bring more information to institutions. There are different methodologies to get to know your customers better, to strengthen the relationship with them, based on the information and analyses to guarantee their expectations. By using tools linked to Data Intelligence, we can provide relevant data and its analysis to you better profile your customers. In addition, it is possible to do a tracking of the competition, knowing the market 360 degrees.

Our Social technology is grounded in a unique combination of huge amount of data, extracted independently from the client, processed and analyzed by means of our algorythms of socio-economical analyses that combine network analysis, simulation, machine learning, and interactive data visualization.

Therefore, we offer specific consultancies for market analysis that involve:

  • Audience mapping: mapping customer interests and opinions
  • Competition analysis: mapping opinions about the competition to identify potential of purchase and possibility of customers conversion
  • Impact analysis: analysis of institutional impact on the lives of those affected by the institution
  • Geomapping of actual and potential clients: geographic mapping for effective direction of stocks, stocks and investments